New Member Checklist: Welcome to Live360 Health Plan!

Welcome! Live360 Health Plan is underwritten by Medical Associates Health Plans, a regional insurer headquartered in Iowa that celebrated 40 years of service in 2022. As a Live360 member, you are now covered by a company that has built a reputation of providing award winning healthcare coverage and excellent customer service. You may have questions as you get started and we are here to help. Below are our top five tips to help you and your family utilize your benefits in the best way.

1. Utilize our convenient member web portal, My eLink.

My eLink is a convenient, confidential web portal that offers online access to your personal health plan information 24/7. It’s free and even mobile friendly! Some actions you can accomplish through your My eLink account are:

  • View and check on claims
  • View and print EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Search for a network provider
  • Submit basic questions to our staff
  • Print and request I.D. cards
  • View benefit information
  • Renew and refill prescriptions
  • Compare medication pricing
  • Check the deductible amount that you’ve paid
  • View your archived claims information
  • Change your address and other personal information
  • View authorizations
  • Grant an authorization to release information

Click here to create a My eLink account today. First-time users need to click on the Proceed to our sign up process link under the login boxes.

2. Stay in your network.

Live360 Health Plan has robust relationships with physicians in multiple communities in Illinois. Our provider networks include hundreds of primary care providers, specialty care providers, independent providers, and many hospitals. Staying in your network will mean paying less than using an out-of-network provider. The same is true for mental health professionals, chiropractors, hospitals, and labs.

You can search your provider directory through your My eLink account or by visiting the member page of our website. Click on the appropriate plan type under the heading, Find a Provider. Having a primary care provider (PCP) is a great place to start. When your doctor becomes familiar with your medical history, your habits and lifestyle, they’ll be able to better notice signs of a more serious health issue and take care of you in the long run.

3. Schedule your first appointment and take advantage of preventive care.

Live360 Health Plan believes in the importance of yearly wellness exams. These exams help find potential problems early so they can be treated early. Preventive services and immunizations are covered at no cost to you when using in-network providers.  Some covered preventive services include:

  • Adult preventive exams which include lab tests, pap smears, breast and pelvic examinations
  • Child and adolescent preventive exams for members ages 7-17 years, including preventive laboratory tests
  • Well baby and child preventive examinations for members through age 6, including preventive laboratory tests, audiometry, visual acuity and lead screening
  • Coverage for colorectal cancer screening
  • Mammography examinations

Some limits apply. Refer to your subscriber agreement for specific benefit information.

4. Explore your pharmacy benefits.

Whether you take prescription drugs regularly or use medications for specific treatments, it’s helpful to understand pharmacy benefits. It could mean getting prescriptions filled more easily and at a lower cost.

We cover both brand name drugs and generic drugs. If a drug is listed on our formulary, we will generally cover it if it is medically necessary, the prescription is filled at a network pharmacy, and other plan rules are followed. If you are unsure if a drug will be covered, you can use the Pharmacy Drug Lookup tool found on our member website page.

5. Keep your member I.D. cards handy.

You will receive your membership card in 10-14 days after we receive your enrollment information. Live360 Health Plan members are issued a membership identification card to be presented each time care is sought at a participating provider’s office or hospital. Take your current I.D. card with you whenever you receive care. It’s proof that you have insurance with Live360 Health Plan. Healthcare providers will use the information on the card to confirm they are a part of your network and to bill us for your care.

On the back of your card you’ll find the Live360 Health Plan website address and phone numbers you can call for help. The Member Services number is handy if you have a question on coverage, prescription drugs, authorizations, or finding a provider.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in getting the most out of your healthcare benefits. This information and more can be found in the Live360 Member Handbook. In addition to our online resources, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 217-206-5050 or toll free at 833-728-0538.