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Well managed care—
Good for the health of your organization. 
Good for the health of your employees.


Health benefits are essential to every successful company’s employee recruitment and retention strategy. Yet in today’s environment, healthcare is a significant operational expense. The question for every business leader becomes: how do you offer quality healthcare coverage while protecting your bottom line?

We believe the answer lies in a carefully coordinated, cost effective, integrated delivery system. Live360 Health Plan offers employers high quality, affordable health coverage and manages that care in a way that mitigates costs, improves outcomes, and ensures the best patient experience.

Better Care Can Cost Less 

How does Live360 Health Plan achieve efficiencies that will save you money without sacrificing on care quality? We create relationships with a strong network of local providers. Live360 Health Plan featuring HSHS Network, operates in south central Illinois and includes providers from HSHS Medical Group, Prairie Cardiovascular, Springfield Clinic, SIU Medicine, and many other local primary care and specialty providers. Live360 works closely with these providers to improve access, ensure correct and accurate coding of claims, and deliver high quality physician directed care.

Our goal is to ensure patients get the right care, in the right setting, at the right time. And because of the efficiencies our model creates, we are able to offer premiums that are often 10% less than our competitors. 

  • Fully Insured HMO Plans – a flexible HMO plan with employee copayments and access to in-network specialists without a referral
  • Self-Funded Benefit Plans – customize your benefit plan to meet the needs of your organization and your employees utilizing a quality, cost effective network of providers
  • Third Party Administrative Services – Medical, Dental, Vision, HRA, FSA, COBRA

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