Prior Authorization Requirements


Pre certification may be required for the following. Please contact Live360 Health Plan at 1-833-728-0538 or 217-206-5050 for plan specific requirements:
If you are a member and need help finding the appropriate provider, determining if your medical care needs authorization, or regarding another health care concern, you can contact Live360 Health Plan at 217-206-5050 or toll free 1-833-728-0538.
If you are a provider, you may call Live360 Health Plan at 217-206-5050 or toll free 1-833-728-0538 to inquire about the authorization process or to help navigate a member’s healthcare needs. Live360 Health Plan utilizes My eLink, a portal to submit electronic requests, for authorizations.  If you are not able to utilize My eLink, you may fill out and send in the prior authorization forms.