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Welcome to the HSHS Healthy Plan featuring the Live360 network administered by Health Choices! We are committed to providing you with an excellent member experience. Our well-trained staff is prepared to provide prompt assistance when you need us. We also offer convenient online access to your benefit information, 24/7.


The care you need, when you need it.

You will have a team of dedicated registered nurses that can assist you in answering questions about your health condition, finding a network provider, locating durable medical supplies, verifying if your medical care needs an authorization and finding care when out of the area.

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As a covered member with HSHS, you have access to secure, convenient online tools to help you manage your benefits, find a provider in your network, and take care of your health.


Locate a Provider

To find a doctor, specialist, hospital, or other providers that are covered by your HSHS Healthy Plan, use the convenient Find a Provider tool. You will need to enter your group number which is printed on the front of your ID card, or find it on the HSHS benefits website. The search results only show providers who are covered by your plan.

Determine your Service Area

In general, you need to receive care inside your designated network to have coverage for your medical care through the HSHS Healthy Plan. Your network is determined by your home county or ZIP code.

If you live inside the service area:

You are inside the Live360 network service area if your residence is in one of the designated counties or ZIP codes. If your address is in the Live360 network service area, you’ll see providers in the Live360 Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). This means if you receive care outside the network, you will most likely be responsible for the full cost of care.

Live360 Health Plan

If you live outside the service area:

If your county or ZIP code is not listed, your network providers are the Live360 Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). Since you live outside of the service area, you can also use the First Health Network. In most cases, the plan covers services received from only Live360 network providers and the First Health Network. If you receive care outside these networks, you will most likely be responsible for the full cost of care.

Live360 Health Plan

First Health Network


Your Coverage when traveling out of the area:

You don’t need a referral or prior authorization for emergency services — no matter where you travel. The Healthy Plan covers emergency services outside the network, subject to plan copays, co-insurance and deductibles. If you need emergency care outside the service area, and are unable to get to a plan provider, go to the nearest urgent care or emergency center. It is important to notify Health Choices as soon as possible by calling 833-728-0538.

If you require urgent care when you are traveling outside the Live360 service area, your options are:

  • Visit HSHS Healthy Plan covers this visit at 100%; no participant cost sharing. 
  • Utilize a First Health provider. To find a First Health provider, click on the First Health Network button above.  HSHS Healthy Plan cost sharing applies to this visit.

If you need help finding a provider, call Health Choices at 833-728-0538.

All follow-up care should be done by a plan provider. If you are out of the area and unable to see a plan provider for follow-up care, call Health Choices at 833-728-0538 for a referral.

Out-of-area Dependents

HSHS is committed to helping your dependents get the health care coverage they need when they need it. Students who attend college outside of the area and children living in communities outside the Live360 service area are common examples of out-of-area dependents. Designated out-of-area dependents have additional providers available to them in the First Health Network.  

To receive this benefit, you or your out-of-area dependent must  complete and submit the Care Package Form before receiving any services.

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Forms & Resources

Online Member Portal – My eLink

My eLink is a convenient, secure web portal offering online access to your personal health plan information 24/7. Register and create a personal login to:

  • Check on claims
  • View and print EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Submit questions about your coverage or plan benefits
  • Print and request I.D. cards
  • Find a provider
  • Review your coverage and benefits
  • View referrals and authorizations
  • Download forms


Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization is required for certain services.  Live360 Network Providers will obtain prior authorization for you.  First Health Network Providers may require you or your dependent to obtain the required prior authorization.  Call Live360 Health Plan at 833-728-0538 to obtain prior authorization or discuss any prior authorization questions.  Click below to view the Prior Authorization List.