Care Coordination


The care you need, when you need it

Practitioners participating in Live360 have agreed to refer care for some services to HSHS. This means that while the provider may make provision of these services at their Clinic or affiliated facility, they have agreed to send Live360 members to HSHS for this care. Services include outpatient services for same-day surgery, infusion services, therapies, including but not limited to physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, or high-cost radiology services. If there are any transition of care needs relating to these services or other care needs, members can receive assistance from Live360 Case Managers.

We can help you find the right provider or facility. 
You have a team of dedicated registered nurses that can assist you in answering questions about your health condition, finding a network provider, locating durable medical supplies, verifying if your medical care needs an authorization and finding care when out of the area. 

Some services and procedures require an authorization before you can receive care such as inpatient hospitalizations, certain surgical procedures, referrals out of network, and others. These requirements help ensure your care is appropriate, timely and safe. We are here to help you determine if the care you need requires authorization so that you will avoid any unexpected medical bills.

Care when you are outside your service area.
On vacation and not feeling well? The HSHS Healthy Plan covers urgent and emergent care when you are out of the service area. Whether you are on vacation or out of the area temporarily, our team of registered nurses are able to assist you with authorizations to make sure your urgent care needs are covered. If you feel you need to be seen by a healthcare professional urgently, please seek care and call us when you are able. If you need to seek care in an Emergency Room, please go to the nearest hospital for care. If you need to stay the night at the hospital, please contact us once you are able. Remember, all follow-up care should be received by a Live360 plan provider.

Anytime care (HSHS Telehealth), available nationwide.
HSHS colleagues and dependents covered under the plan have access to care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online or via the telephone at no cost. All medical options pay 100%, and the deductible does not apply. The service is available at, or you can call 844-391-4747 and speak with a provider. 

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